About Pandotree

The CEIBS CFH Pandotree Association is a not-for-profit social organization affiliated with the CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage.

Pando means "I Spread" in Latin and is the name for a species of tree also known as 'The Trembling Giant'. Pando trees usually have massive root systems, making it possible that an entire forest can grow from a single tree. They have been in existence for around 80,000 years, making them one of the most ancient species of tree on earth.

Like its namesake, the CEIBS Pando Association aims to share with members the importance of being as steady as a stand of ancient trees, reaching great heights and sustained prosperity through a smooth leadership transition.


The organization is committed to developing a high-end international information exchange and learning platform for Chinese and global entrepreneurs, government officials, academics and executives from all sectors of the business community. We will undertake research projects that include eastern approaches to sustainable prosperity and smooth leadership transitions in family businesses; assist Chinese enterprises in achieving the milestone of a century of healthy operation; contribute to improving the status and influence of Chinese enterprises in the international arena; and ensure that Chinese family businesses make a contribution to the healthy and sustainable development of the world economy and society.

Why is the Organization Named “Pando”?

Being one of the world’s most ancient species of tree, Pando refers to an entire forest that originates from a single tree whose giant root system spreads and sends up new trees. The world’s largest Pando is spread across an area of 105 hectares and is at least 80,000 years old.

Pando therefore signifies the vitality and prosperity of a family, as well as the sustainable development of an enterprise.

PANDO = Passion + Achievement + Navigating + Diversity + Originality

Membership Benefits

• Opportunities to join our private board of directors and enjoy exclusive access to renowned domestic and foreign experts;
• Opportunities to receive an exclusive invitation to attend the annual China Family Business Heritage Forum and share ideas with senior business executives and renowned scholars both from China and abroad in order to enable family business owners to better plan the future development of their enterprise;
• Opportunities to attend the CKCFH Roundtables (which are held three times per year in different cities across China), to have in-depth discussions on the unique issues facing family businesses, such as educating the next generation, communication with the next generation, family culture and heritage, and facilitating the improvement of inter-family relationships;
• Priority to attend the Sustainable Growth of Family Businesses programme developed by CEIBS Executive Education at a discounted fee;
• Opportunities for member enterprises to participate in occasional exchange visits with other domestic family businesses;
• Opportunities to go on exclusively tailored international academic journeys to meet renowned experts and make in-depth visits to well-established family businesses abroad (some additional fees may be required);
• Opportunities to participate in research activities initiated by CKCFH;
• Opportunities to receive monthly e-newsletters with the latest information on relevant seminars and forums, the latest case studies and research findings and special reports.

Qualifications for Membership

Members should demonstrate an entrepreneurial drive, social influence and sense of social responsibility, a broad international mindset, strong theoretical background, substantial practical experience and a certain influence in their industry, and should be able to fulfil all the membership obligations as stipulated in the organization’s Charter.

They must also meet one of the following qualifications:
• Founder of an enterprise;
• Business successor having joined or being about to join the enterprises’ management team;
• Board member who is the controlling shareholder of a company but does not carry out any real duties in the company.