Case studies

  • Though Sung Hing is not a large family business in Hong Kong, its dedication to philanthropy has established a new model for family business succession and has become a remarkable feature of this family business. Philanthropy can help a family augment its influence, carry forward the spirit of the elder generation and bind generations of the family together. The practices of Sun Hing offer valuable lessons for Chinese family businesses regarding the succession of family values.

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  • In a press conference held by Wensli Group on July 2, a Frenchman became the focus of media attention and the silk industry, not only because he was the newly appointed chief executive officer of Wensli Silk Culture, but also because of his previous position as CEO of Hermes Textile Holdings. As a private silk producer based in China, hiring a former Hermes executive can help generate considerable publicity for Wensli and is widely regarded as a move of the company to pursue a globalization strategy.

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