White Paper Report

  • Faced with a changing economic environment and a trend towards a new era of Internet thinking, companies and families are headed towards transition and succession respectively, with a fast-growing demand for investment and financing. As the value of their wealth rises, companies and families must decide how to diversify fund risks, manage cross-border asset allocation, and pass their wealth on. With a growing number of Chinese private companies going global, these needs have attracted much attention. Private banking has been established in China; the issue now is how to combine the long-established private wealth management practices from developed countries with China’s unique circumstances in order to provide excellent services to China’s wealthy.

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  • Key Finding III:
    The influence of family culture on succession
    Key Finding IV:
    Successor’s aspiration for business succession 
    Key Finding V:
    Successor’s Succession Effect

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  • Key Finding I:
    Who does the founding generation wish to pass the baton to? And how?
    Key Finding II:
    Why is the relay generation willing to take the baton? How do they prepare for the succession?

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  • In the last decade, the earliest group of family businesses in China has come to the stage of business succession.  For the family business founders, there is a string of urgent challenges waiting for them to resolve: what should they do to increase their successors’ aspiration for business succession, complete the succession process smoothly, and evoke their successors’ strong commitment to the businesses? Observation and analysis around these questions are included in this research. As family businesses are an important part of the private economy, their smooth succession also carries special significance for the government. In recent years, local governments attach increasing importance to the nurturing of “rich kids”.

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