A Carpenter Knowing Nothing about Computer Won’t Be A Good Tailor

Mr. Zhang Daili, Chairman of Red Collar, was born in 1955, and earned the first barrel of gold in his life with his carpentry craftsmanship. He started his own business in 1976 and established Red Collar in 1995. He has always upheld the highest standards of integrity in either his personal or business actions, and highlighted the “upright and customer-focused” business philosophy.

Why is it said that “a carpenter knowing nothing about computer won’t be a good tailor”? While shifting his career from a carpenter to a “tailor”, Mr. Zhang foresaw the immense business opportunities Internet could bring about. Since 2003, he has spent hundreds of millions of yuan upgrading the traditional apparel industry, promoting the Internet/information mindset, and making experiments in his 3,000-people factory. With more than 11 years of persistent efforts, Red Collar today has developed a Made To Measure (RCMTM) model for industrialized mass production, achieved the intensive integration of information with industry based on mega data and created values and methodology for the industry adopting Internet technologies.

Business Model Developed by the Founder

“The opportunity has come for industrial enterprises to achieve leapfrog development in the times of Internet!” Mr. Zhang exclaimed.

RCMTM is a product of the information age and a creative mode of platform management. This C2M platform, which eliminates intermediate links, has completely overthrown the stereotyped business rules. It creates value for the consumers, introduces into the linear interactive business logic and brand-new business format, and shapes a new business culture in the era of Internet.

Based on modern information technology and more than 10 years of hard efforts to test and verify the relevant feasibility, Red Collar has successfully launched RCMTM Global Supplier Platform by pouring hundreds of millions yuan into the project. This global personalized customization platform overcomes culture and language barriers and has been widely regarded as a new milestone for the global apparel customization industry. In addition, it turns upside down the traditional tailor model and offers a full set of solutions to facilitate the development of world clothing industry and human clothing civilization.

The RCMTM Global Supplier Platform brings science and technology into the traditional industry, realizes the digitalized, globalized and platform-based clothing customization, and turns the complicated customization into an easy, fast, high quality & efficient thing. It guarantees the delivery of finished products in seven business days, caters to all personalized needs of customers, and provides a complete and thorough solution of Full-Customization, Full Lifecycle and Full Industrial Chain.

Succession of the Second Generation

Mr. Zhang has one son and one daughter. He passed the baton to his daughter Zhang Yunlan. Ms. Zhang gave her remarks on the development of Red Collar, “Today’s Red Collar has largely been crafted by my father. In the third year after I took over the company, I went to Las Vegas for an exhibition. When I returned, I said to my father, ‘I’m very grateful to you, because you didn’t just leave me a big fortune and an insipid company’. Instead, what I’ve inherited from him is the core competitiveness and a platform. It’s a platform for me to bring into full play my strengths. My father has shown me the right direction. As long as I keep going in this direction, even sometimes I may walk slowly, our business won’t be consumed wrongly and perish.”

The dream of Mr. Zhang and his daughter is to develop Red Collar into a creator, designer and promoter of the Internet industry and to facilitate the development of Internet-based industrial civilization.