Highlights of CEIBS Kaifeng CFH’s First Roundtable Meeting

March 12, 2013. Shanghai - World leading academics and dozens of first and second generation family business executives from across China turned out today for the first Roundtable Meeting organized by the CEIBS Kaifeng Center for Family Heritage (CEIBS Kaifeng CFH). The roundtable’s theme, Relationships, Governance, and Management in Family Business, sparked a lively discussion among the participants, who shared their insights and experiences regarding topics such as family relationships, cultivating successors, and inheriting the entrepreneurial spirit and family values.

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The Succession and Development of Family Business

For more than three decades we have seen Chinese family firms go through the entrepreneurial stage of development. Today, as the global economic landscape has evolved, the primary focus of these firms is gradually shifting towards upgrading and transforming their business. Meanwhile, these firms also face an additional challenge not faced by their non-family counterparts - how to ensure a smooth transition of the family business from one generation to the next.

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Family Relationships and Business Succession

A family business is a company based on family relationships. Without this distinctive aspect, family businesses would face the same challenges as their non-family counterparts. It is relationships among family members that lie at the core of family business governance.

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Highlights from the CEIBS Kaifeng Centre for Family Heritage 2nd Roundtable 2013

“Heritage and Innovation: The Two Generations through Each Other’s Eyes” was the theme for today’s second roundtable event organized by the CEIBS Kaifeng Centre for Family Heritage and co-organized by the CEIBS Chongqing Alumni Chapter. The event brought together almost 20 first- and second-generation entrepreneurs from Chongqing-based family businesses who enthusiastically shared their experiences and challenges in a lively discussion with CEIBS professors, who offered their own insights and observations throughout the event.

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