Shandong liaocheng auspicious light copper group of case studies

Shandong liaocheng auspicious light copper group of case studies Located in liaocheng city in shandong province yanggu county auspicious light copper industry group was founded in 2005, led by Liu Xuejing fung cheung group and si 5 macro economic investment co., LTD was jointly founded. Auspicious light copper is second only to jiangxi copper and tongling nonferrous China's third largest copper smelting enterprises, is the world after American Kenny curt company second adopts "double flash furnaceanalyze" - flash smelting and copper smelter of flash converting process, is also the most advanced technology in the world today, environmental protection, energy saving, efficient modern copper smelter. Group has a registered capital of 3.168 billion yuan, the annual production of cathode copper 400000 tons, 2 0 tons of gold, silver, 600 tons of sulfuric acid and related products 1.4 million tons. ​ After its establishment, the group by the founder Liu Xuejing bear Ren Xiangguang group chairman of the board of directors, managers Wu Jilie as general manager. In 2009, under the Wu Jilie strongly recommend, Liu Xuejing eldest son zhi-guang liu replace Wu Jilie, served as general manager, become whole