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Traditional culture and innovation concept: kikkoman (on)

Traditional culture and innovation concept: kikkoman (on) First, the origin of the kikkoman Kikkoman this name is composed of three Japanese kanji name: "turtle"; "A" refers to the first class; The "m" is take its the meaning of long. In addition, in Japanese, "tortoise shell and hexagonal or six sides. Japanese turtle as a symbol of longevity and lucky, so, see the kikkoman identification symbols, you will find that it is actually a shell of hexagonal pattern, shell wrote a "m" word in it. Kikkoman literal can be interpreted as: manufactured by leading companies with a long history of first class products. In June 1615 in the early summer, the army of the tokugawa breached hideyoshi city of Osaka, and hunt up's followers. A through wood mau woman, after her husband committed suicide, with her little son soldier saburo dressed as a peasant, escape into a blood bath and chaos of the Osaka city, began to escape life for 15 years. 1630