Course Introduction

Youth leaders course: create and inheritance

Course description
Human history of development, market economy is a sense of family enterprise business history.Occupy about 80% of the global enterprise family enterprises created in the world today most of the wealth.Wal-mart, dupont, Siemens, ford, etc. Familiar with 40% of the world top 500 are owned and operated by the family enterprise.However, the continuation of the family business and growth are now facing the global challenges, such as succession, governance, conflicts, pass on family culture and values.As a progressive young generation enterprise managers, they are mostly have a good education background and international vision, but in the back of a high starting point but they bear much more pressure than their peers and challenges, with their parents, the entrepreneur completely different environment and challenge.Regardless of their final choice, "father, the new generation" or "innovation, set up the portal", all need to look at, breakthrough and reinvent themselves objectively.

China-eu successor curriculum by the china-eu high-level manager training to the south wind family heritage research center and the national university of Singapore business school collaboration, aimed at young inheritors and self, family, enterprise, facing wealth to multiple complex relationships and social challenges, enrichment and summarizes the central south wind family heritage research center and the national university of Singapore business school in Asia for many years the development of Chinese family enterprises of the relevant theory, tools, and the latest research results of best practice.

Course covers four major module, not only will delve into the family business intergenerational communication, governance and inheritance, wealth management and corporate social responsibility such as theme, will also close to Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Bali, through to have a total with cultural background and more experience generations of family tradition of Asian Chinese enterprises to carry out benchmarking study, guide the young heir experience and exploring the mystery of the enterprises built to last.Part of the module can also be free to invite a corporate current boss runs in learning, while thinking collision seek deep understanding and communication.

The target
Course aims to help young entrepreneur aiming opens the journey of self-discovery and growth, through gathering the excellent future business leaders, to provide a mutual learning and communication platform, to help them achieve rapid into long and transition.Course will combine classroom teaching, enterprise depth investigation and actual combat case sharing and team cooperation projects such as a variety of teaching methods, multi-dimensional shape young business elite, help them become the future business leaders and lay the foundation of the social elite.

This course is specially designed for youth of the expanding business elite, or aspires to succeed their baseball family business management, or consider to start their own business.Typical participants include: corporate CEO, President, vice President, members of the board of directors, or to be responsible for a enterprise top managers of the business or function.The average age of the students at about 35 years old.

Attend the course students will:
, the comprehensive management have deep understanding and awareness, implement cross-border integration of knowledge with the knowledge update
• reflect continuously in the process of learning and self torture, urge and achieve breakthrough and growth, improve its leadership
, master deal effectively with the family business and properly handle the relation of conflict between the interests of all parties
, grasp the importance of enterprise capital operation and wealth management knowledge and ideas, gradually realize from the industrial capital into financial capital, eventually to the comprehensive control of family wealth
, cultivating innovative thinking mode for the age of the Internet, urging and implementing enterprise transformation and upgrade
, organic, in conjunction with the current corporate leaders in direct dialogue on the same platform, enhance agree with each other and melting intergenerational friction
Depth discussion with China and even Asia's top business family, and the experience of inheritance and development of family enterprises, absorbing and using for reference the mature management experience, for their own enterprises make effective strategic planning, operational structure and organization structure to find new way of thinking
, for the internationalization of youths from different Asian countries and industry business elite to build further communication and learning platform, by discussing the current dilemmas, look for creative solutions

The teaching faculty
Jean Lee (Lee, professor Jean S K), co-director of the course
Professor LanLuLu, co-director of the course
Professor Zhong Jinian
Weiru Chen (Chen, professor Weiru)
Marleen Dieleman professor
Professor RuiMeng (Rui, Oliver, Meng)
Pedro Nueno, professor (Pedro Nueno,)
Professor yung-feng shih (Charles y. f. Shi)
Professor Emir Hrnjic

Opening date/language/location:
Opening date: module system 2014.09.24 afternoon Shanghai/Taiwan/Singapore/Bali of Chinese teaching, parts of English teaching with Chinese translation alternately
Course fee: 218000 selections (central south wind family heritage centre for the study of rock more trees union members will enjoy preferential fee RMB 208000)
Course fee includes tuition, case fee, lunch, materials, stationery, fees and other related materials, as well as interpretation and translation fee (if necessary).Course fee should be paid before the commencement of 30.When the 30 days before the commencement of the proposed application have to pay immediately.