2014 winter study china-eu family heritage research center, Japan

2014 winter study china-eu family heritage research center, Japan

▬ 2014 winter study ▬ family inheritance research center of central Europe
Japanese family enterprises workshop (STEP) and the Japan family business study tour
In China, the concept of family tradition is still very young, a generation of entrepreneurs during the prime of life, the second generation succession unfolds just begins, the concept of differences between two generations a collision occurs under the background of different times.China's age and the market status quo and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises face challenges to China's family enterprises encountered in the process of inheriting the pressure.Japan as a family business power, has the largest family enterprises in one hundred, has plenty of experience on the family tradition.

Japan's annual STEP family enterprise BBS for Asian countries to continuously explore inheritance mystery family businesses provide a mutual communication, learning and experience sharing platform, so that the family business entrepreneurs to achieve vision of built to last.China-eu family heritage center in the winter of 2014 travel program will bring you to participate in the global participation of family business research center, STEP association launched a global family business BBS, and to the world's top business school professor scholars and entrepreneurs from all over the family communication, haocha.

To attend at the same time also will lead you visit Japan's leading the family business, such as kyocera group, tsukamoto group and fruit beauty company, and communicate with Japanese waseda university and Kyoto university scholars to explore the key of Japan during the transmission of family enterprises, the former Japanese prime minister yukio hatoyama will be invited to participate in this activity.During the construction of family businesses sharing platform, also hope the experience gained from the exchange will help domestic is trial and error, moving the family business leaders.